How to pass parameter to Dataset SQL Query

I am creating dataset in Arcadia using SQL query. Below is sample query

select emp_name, dept_id, dept_name
from hive_schmea.tbl_emp_dept
where dept_id=<<dept_param:’-1’>>

How to pass the parameter to the SQL query in dataset?

@taddwood / @shaun, please help.

@JimCiti : I have same use case , when the dataset is created with dept_id as parameter how do we use this dataset in dash board to pass the value for this variables.

@JimCiti you can have parameters inside of Dataset SQL statements. You need to make sure that inside of your Dashboards that you’re broadcasting a parameter called dept_param, otherwise it will just keep substituting it with your default value of -1 which probably won’t return any results. Parameters are broadcasted by either Filter widgets in the Dashboard, or by clicking on an item within a Visual.