How to make the colour of axes in visuals white?

Since my visual and dashboard colour is darkgrey, you can’t see the axes and labels well, because they’re black. How can one changes the colour of the axes and Labels?

@Friedrich what version of Arcadia are you currently using?

@Friedrich As Tadd mentioned it would be good to know your Arcadia version. There are various settings to help with controlling color and font sizes of various elements.

Here’s an example of where to use the Text color settings. Notice how the titles and various labels off visuals changes as a result making it easier to see in darker background.

Thank you so much for your fast response.

I’ve tried to change the color in the visuals


I thought it should be able to change the color of the axes there. My fault, I’m using version

Thank you.

@Friedrich the axis line we currently do not provide an out of the box setting for. Instead you can use some custom CSS as shown below:

.arc-viz-axis path, .arc-viz-axis line {
stroke: red;