How-to hide tooltips

Right now, there’s no out of the box setting to hide tooltips globally within a dashboard or at the visual level.

However using custom styles you can do two things:

  1. Globally hide all tooltips in the dashboard by setting the following:

    div#tooltip {
        display: none !important;
  2. You can hide tooltip for specific visual using the following JS - which you can put into custom style and apply just to the one or two visuals you are trying to hide tooltips for:

 return  function() {
  var f = function() {};
  f.version = "1";
  f.afterDraw = function () {
  let lib = arcapi.unsupportedDriver;
  // cleanup any previous work     
  if (lib.tooltip_from_kvs_original) {
    lib.tooltip_from_kvs = lib.tooltip_from_kvs_original;
    lib.tooltip_from_kvs_original = undefined;
  // override tooltip generator
  let orig = lib.tooltip_from_kvs;
  lib.tooltip_from_kvs_original = orig;
  lib.tooltip_from_kvs = function(kvs) {
    return orig(kvs);
return f;
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There’s also an out of the box option now available in the newest release of Arcadia:

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