How to hide / restrict subset of dashboards within an App

Can we hide certain dashboards of an App from a group of users, either based on role or by any other method? We know how to restrict data, but looking for options to hide certain visuals/dashboards.

Starting in Arcadia 4.4, dashboards within Apps can be hidden using workspace ACL.

Consider the below example, where User 123 & 987 have view access to the same sales dataset. However, through workspace ACL, we can modify the set of dashboards they see. Which means at the workspace-level the same App can display different dashboard pages depending on the user.

There are two dashboards and one is placed in workspace A and another in workspace B. User 987 has been given workspace ACL access to both while User 123 only to workspace A.

An App is created that points to both dashboards. And the App is placed in workspace A. Because the App is in workspace A, both User 123 & 987 have access to the app.

Here’s a pictorial diagram of the setup:

In this example, even though both users have access to the app (since it’s in workspace A), different pages appear based on the user viewing the app. User 987 sees additional pages based on the additional workspace ACLs on B.

Here’s an example of what each user would see when viewing the same app:

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