How to force App tabs (subgroups) to collapse on load when tabs menus are shown on the left

By default when the “Display menu on left” option is selected:


All of your tabs and dashboard titles within those tabs are also shown.

This can be problematic when scrolling through an App that has lots of Tabs and/or lots of dashboards within your tabs. As a workaround you can apply this CSS at the App Group level to always show the tabs on the left collapsed when you launch the App:

.sidemenu-wrapper .app-menu li ul {
  display: none;

.sidemenu-wrapper .fa-angle-right:before {
  content: "\f107";

.sidemenu-wrapper .fa-angle-down:before {
  content: "\f105";

After applying the CSS you should now see your Dashboard titles collapsed under the main tab names when you launch your App:


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