How to customize Application menu bar height, and font?

Hello Folks,

I’m hoping you guys can help me figure out how to do two things via custom style:
1 - change the font specifically to the Application Menu fonts (and it’s sub-menu fonts, ofc) with a font that is not included in the dropdown list (“Open Sans”)
2 - change the height of the menu bar

My approach was to inspect the elements of the page, and for #1, I saw that some had the class “arc-link”, but not all had this same class. How do I do it across all elements under the menu bar?

For #2 I also looked at the page element for the bar (with a class named “container-fluid”), and searched for “height” in the Styles section of the DevTools, but for each one that I tried to manually change, I didn’t see any change in the dashboard :frowning:

I’m a CSS newbie, please bear with me heheh
Thank you in advance for the help.