How to confirm Cloudera CSD has been updated

Each new version of Arcadia comes with its own CSD jar file. So you need to always make sure you have the latest one installed.

1) Copy the ARCADIAENTERPRISE-<version-number>.jar file to the Cloudera CSD directory.

$ sudo cp ARCADIAENTERPRISE-<version-number>.jar /opt/cloudera/csd

2) You also want to make sure to restart cloudera manager server.

3) Refresh command through the browser pointing at the cloudera manager URL:


You should see something like below. Are you seeing the correct version ARCADIAENTERPRISE-

If not, you need to make sure to copy the .jar file as mentioned in steps 1 & 2.

4) Once you see the correct CSD version, then you can manually load it


At which point you should see a message like below if successful:

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