How to check memory usage & profiles of queries in dashboard

The dashboard profile is the starting point to understand the set of queries that run for any dashboard within Arcadia.

To obtain the profile you can simply type : CTRL+SHIFT+G
For an overview you can refer to this online doc:

Example dashboard profile

Here’s an example of the profile within Arcadia 4.5 release. When queries run on the back-end engine they will include pink bars which indicate status. Red vertical line indicates the result sets have been received.

If you hover over the pink status line right before the red line, you will get the statistics about the query including a link to the query profile.

Example query profile

The query profile provides important statistics about the query:

  1. Execution profile
  2. Timing statistics
  3. Memory usage

Note: this will access port 35000 on arcengine process running on the cluster.

Performance optimizations

If you notice long query times or high memory usage, you might want to consider using Arcadia’s analytical views to optimize.

To enable and start using our “Smart Acceleration” read more here:

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If you want the total memory used/consumption for the query you can refer to the profile tab:

To manually obtain query profiles, click on the “Detail” link associated to query:

And then navigate to the Summary & Profile tabs:

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You can check if a query used an Analytical View for acceleration by checking the “Analytical View Used” field:

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