How to change the axis dynamicaly

How to change the axis dynamically. Change the axis values based on user input.

@Sanandh there isn’t a way you change/switch the Axis per se, but you can create 2 Custom Filters and populate them values that correspond to the field names that you would want to populate the X or Y axis, and then use parameter syntax to dynamically substitute those field selections into your visual like this:

Filter 1:

Filter 2:

Visual Builder:

Notice the parameter syntax in the X and Y axis shelves that allow us to grab the output parameter names from our filters and dynamically substitute their selections:


Example 1: Select Total Orders on X axis and Shipping Mode on Y axis

Example 2: Select Region on X axis and Total Sales on Y axis

@taddwood : Thank you.
I will test the solution and let you know if it is working.

Really appreciate on your effort on this request.

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