How to access log and customize dashboard on dashboard level


I am trying to access and customize dashboard with custom js file but not in visual chart level.
How can i access the dom structure in or

? when i have tried to console.log(“test”), nothing is there.

this is what i tried

Example : stylesheet name : “custjs”
In JS section :

return function() {
const f = function(){};
f.settings = “1”;

f.beforeDraw = function () {
console.log(“before load page”)

f.afterDraw = function () {
console.log(“after load page”)
return f;

Example : if i would want to change the background color of the dashboard to brown or append(‘div’) right before subtitle, how can we achieve this by using Javascript on dashboard level

@FaridAvesko you can’t use Custom Styles with JS at the Dashboard level. Those styles must be applied at the Visual level. If your goal is to just modify the background color of the Dashboard, you can do that with just a few clicks by clicking the Style menu on the right of the Dashboard.

@taddwood , my aim is to append new html tags and make modification on the dashboard level layout. ? For an example, add new empty visual right below dashboard title or beside it and use custom style with js to create my own layout .

From the image shown below,
point no 1 : Title is by Arcadia
point no 2 : the customization i would like to achieve , how could we overwrite it a part of dashboard level? Since Custom js file is not applicable on dashboard level . Is there any other alternative solution ?

E.g Creating empty visual or any other solution to append in between dashboard level and filter ?