How can I show only a few columns from my dataset, but allow all columns to be downloaded as a CSV?

Example: Let’s say we have a Dataset with 20+ columns:

and I would like to only show 2 inside of my table Visual:


You can enable the option on this Table visual to only show a certain number of columns by clicking Style, then Table Style:


and then adjust the “Max Columns” setting to whatever you desire (default value is 20).



Hi Tadd, @taddwood
We have 54 columns in dataset and we have selected 55 in the “Max # Columns” and in excel download we are able to see only column names but no data after 20th column.
Its working fine in CSV.

@dearsaran this is a known issue in Arcadia 4.5 and 5.0. We’ll be applying a fix in a patch release soon, so feel free to reach out for updates.

For now its best to continue using the CSV download option.