How can I move Analytical Views to a different database?

When creating Analytical Views from the Arcadia UI, you’ll notice that by default we place them in the database where your base tables reside:


To change or override the database (and Analytical View name), you can double click on the Analytical View name:


However, if you’ve already created the Analytical View and want to move it to a different database, there is a way to do so by using the arcadia-shell CLI utility, and running a command like this:

ALTER TABLE wrongdb.mytable_av_1 RENAME TO rightdb.mytable_av_1;

REFRESH ANALYTICAL VIEW rightdb.mytable_av_1;


ALTER TABLE wrongdb.mytable_av_1 RENAME TO rightdb.mytable_av_1;

DESCRIBE rightdb.mytable_av_1;

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For the manual analytical view creation you want to choose from the drop down list as shown below.

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@shaun, manual analytical view creation can be done only for one one table?, let say in my dataset when I have multiple tables which has joins then when I was try to create analytical view then I could able to do only for one table alone. Analytical view can not be created for across multiple table/views?

And, how would l check that my dashboard using/leveraging analytical views?

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@Ganesh generally you create Analytical Views on single tables. If you have joins such as a star schema join you can take advantage of our star schema optimization

If it’s not a star schema but more arbitrary joins and model, then you can build a logical view which contains the complicated join model.
Then you can create analytical view on top of this logical view:

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In Arcadia Enterprise 5.1.x and forward there’s a new feature that easily allows you to choose a database (either default or custom) to store Analytical Views from the Recommendation Manager:


After making a selection you will see all of your recommended Analytical Views update to reflect the chosen database in the View definition below:

In Arcadia 5.1.3 there’s also an option at the Connection level to set specific storage locations for Analytical Views. This can be used to specify locations on HDFS, S3, or Blue Data.

After setting the location(s) you want to store your Analytical Views in your Connection(s), you can then choose that location when you create your Analytical Views via the Recommendation Manager by clicking “Set Global AV Options”.

To verify the Analytical View was created in the specified location you can check the Arcengine Webserver on port 35000 of the coordinator node that your Arcengine connection is pointing to.