How can I move Analytical Views to a different database?

When creating Analytical Views from the Arcadia UI, you’ll notice that by default we place them in the database where your base tables reside:


To change or override the database (and Analytical View name), you can double click on the Analytical View name:


However, if you’ve already created the Analytical View and want to move it to a different database, there is a way to do so by using the arcadia-shell CLI utility, and running a command like this:

ALTER TABLE wrongdb.mytable_av_1 RENAME TO rightdb.mytable_av_1;

REFRESH ANALYTICAL VIEW rightdb.mytable_av_1;


ALTER TABLE wrongdb.mytable_av_1 RENAME TO rightdb.mytable_av_1;

DESCRIBE rightdb.mytable_av_1;

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For the manual analytical view creation you want to choose from the drop down list as shown below.

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@shaun, manual analytical view creation can be done only for one one table?, let say in my dataset when I have multiple tables which has joins then when I was try to create analytical view then I could able to do only for one table alone. Analytical view can not be created for across multiple table/views?

And, how would l check that my dashboard using/leveraging analytical views?

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@Ganesh generally you create Analytical Views on single tables. If you have joins such as a star schema join you can take advantage of our star schema optimization

If it’s not a star schema but more arbitrary joins and model, then you can build a logical view which contains the complicated join model.
Then you can create analytical view on top of this logical view:

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In Arcadia Enterprise 5.1.x and forward there’s a new feature that easily allows you to choose a database (either default or custom) to store Analytical Views from the Recommendation Manager:


After making a selection you will see all of your recommended Analytical Views update to reflect the chosen database in the View definition below: