How can I keep my Analytical Views active even when they're stale ("Need refresh")?

Sometimes you will run into a scenario where new data loads into your base tables, but your Analytical Views haven’t refreshed yet. When Analytical Views are in a stale state or “Need refresh”, queries no longer match them until they’re “Up to date” or refreshed. This causes sub-optimal query performance in the short-term, but ensures that the integrity of your data is intact when viewing your Dashboards since they will always show the most recent data.

To allow queries to keep routing to your Analytical Views in the short term, you can add the ALLOW_STALE_VIEWS=1 option in your Arcadia connection parameters:


This will ensure that queries continue to match your Analytical Views and maintain expected performance. However once the refresh of the Analytical Views is complete, the Dashboards will once again show the expected results.