Hive view with join on special characters does not work in Arcadia

We have a Dashboard sitting on top of a Hive view. This view joins customer data with geo location data via location string. German locations often have a “Umlaut” in their names like this one: “DüSSELDORF”.

The join via this location string does work on Hive (via Ambari Hive View), but does not in Arcadia (with exact same query).

Any idea why that could be?



Are you seeing any errors when making the join in Arcadia?

Are any of the tables within the Hive view ORC tables? If so, are any of these tables transactional tables? To check, you can run SHOW CREATE TABLE for each table referenced in your view and then look for a line in the TBLPROPERTIES clause like this:



Thank you,
Tadd Wood