Hiding dashboard controls when creating a custom Home page

An intro to building Custom Home pages

As an optional feature in Arcadia, we give users the option to choose their own home pages, or administrators the ability to display a custom home page across the entire application. In Arcadia, custom home pages are designed through creating Dashboards, and then assigning those Dashboards as home pages (see our documentation for more details).


A custom homepage can be anything from static text:

To custom html with embedded images, video:

To even your typical dashboard layouts providing key metrics to users when they first login:

Modifying your custom homepage to remove Dashboard controls

One thing you’ll notice when you assign your Dashboard as a home page is that your Dashboard controls in the top right are still visible, which may not be ideal if your dashboard is meant to be non-interactive:

To hide those controls you can apply this CSS code within your Dashboard Custom Style menu:


.viz-params-control {
    display: none;

In “View” mode, you’ll now notice that you Dashboard controls have been hidden away, making your home page slightly cleaner.