Handling Chrome Page Unresponsive Issues

On occasion you may see a warning like this from Chrome when loading a Dashboard or App within Arcadia, which is caused by an unexpected increase/delay in the rendering time of the page.


While the Dashboard will still likely load if you click “Wait”, you can also use some of the best practices provided below to help avoid this types of issue:

- Avoid displaying too many columns in table visuals

By default Arcadia will show the first 20 columns of your table if no fields have been selected and dragged onto your Visual shelves. Increasing the number of visible columns will cause the render time for your Dashboard to increase unexpectedly and may cause Chrome to trigger a Page Unresponsive warning.

- Avoid setting high Visual limits

Arcadia gives you the option to set Visual result limits as well as CSV limits (see this post for more information). Using higher limits (i.e. 10000+ results) may cause Chrome to slow down as it attempts to render and draw all of your data points. In general, its better to show less items in your Visual if possible and instead design the visual to focus on a subset of your data (i.e. Top 50 Customers).


Otherwise it may be difficult to convey the story you’re telling in your Dashboard.

- Avoid having too many visuals and filters in a single Dashboard

Each Visual and Filter in a Dashboard translates to a query that must be executed (unless the query is cached already). Too many visuals and filters may cause the overall rendering time of the Dashboard to slow down and also Page Unresponsive warnings. In general its best to keep you Dashboards focused and if needed, to split your Visuals between multiple Sheets on the Dashboard so that you aren’t loading too many things on one page. This also helps avoid too much scrolling on one single Dashboard.