Getting N/A for AV


We have created analytical view on top of a dashboard, when i was debugging the performance profile of that dashboard, AV is not getting utilized and in the activity log i can see N/A under AV used column.

i have created those AV’s w.r.t smart acceleration of Arcadia only. I can see that my AV query and Visual query are different.

Can you please suggest me


  1. What version of arcadia are you using?

  2. What is the visual query vs AV definition?

  3. When using Smart Acceleration it’s possible not all visuals are accelerated. Are you sure that visual was indicated as being accelerated? what do you see in the smart acceleration page for the dashboard?

We are using version

we do have a group by clause in AV and we don’t have a group by clause in Visual

Yes in Smart acceleration page, it shows that visual is accelerated.

@Purnesh what is the SQL for the visual vs definition of AV.

Dashboard filters usually impact eventual SQL that’s generated and the AV required to satisfy the visual query.

I am not sure how correctly the AV recommendations are taking into account filters. But that’s one place I would consider.