Filtering using an aliased column

Hello folks,

In the video 05. Intro to Filters and Score, this is mentioned in the beginning of the video saying it will affect the filters even within the same dataset when you alias a column. Well, I agree :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, how do we make it so that we can filter on those fields?
For example, I have a column alias called “Facility Name” and I’m trying to use the “FILTER ALL” option but with no success :frowning:. The filter icon on the top right shows that there is a parameter called “Facility Name” being set with a value.

I have tried in the target widget(s) to put in the Filters shelf different things, like:

[facilityname] = '<<Facility Name>>'
[facilityname] = ('<<Facility Name>>')
[facilityname] = <<Facility Name>>

I couldn’t even print out the parameter in the subtitle of the widget like <<Facility Name>> :frowning:
Could you guys help me out?

Thank you in advance


Are all your visuals built on the same dataset? If so you can use the “Enable Filter on Click” option on your charts which will allow them to filter other visuals in your dashboard when clicked. We call this “Dataset scope” filter.

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Tadd Wood

Fernie - if you cannot make the parameter to appear in the title then something is definitely wrong.

I did a quick test with “Filter All” and the parameter <<Facility Name>> does appear in the sub-title of the other visuals.

What version of Arcadia are you using?

Hello folks, using 4.2.0

Fernie - our latest release is 4.4 , highly recommend you upgrade as there were lots of fixes & enhancements since 4.2. The issue you are seeing is very likely related to case sensitivity, and has been addressed in our newer releases.

Any chance you can upgrade to 4.4?

Also, you can give this setting a try - you can find it in the dashboard settings:


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Hi Shaun,

I’m in version 5.0 at this moment and the filtering that I had trouble in the original post now works.
But now I have 2 questions:

  1. When an alias exist for a field in a widget, and I want “Filter All” (or “Enable Filter on Click”) to work for all other widgets in the same dashboard, I have to go into all widgets, and add in the filter shelf the rule [afieldname] = ‘<<Field Alias>>’ for all fields that I want that feature to work :disappointed_relieved: Is there another way that this would be done automatically? (if the field had no alias, it would have worked without the need to add the rule in the filter shelf, for example)
    If it’s not possible, one feature request would be to have a checkbox in the Parameters section of a widget to broadcast the parameter from the field name instead of the alias. :+1:t4:

  2. If I have to add the filter rule above, because of my alias, by default no data is displayed until I click on “Filter All”. Is there a way to show data even after I add the rule above?

  3. Is there a way to disable the option “Filter All” while still keeping the context menu (since we need “Show Detail Data”)? None of our widgets have this option working due to the Alias, and we would like to hide it from the user.

Thank you in advance :wink:

@fernie The easiest solution to all your issues is to simply add the alias to the dataset. Then everything will work from then on.

Use the “Save Expression” option:

The choose calculated field

And start using that moving forward in your visual shelves:

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That makes sense! Thank you :+1:t4:

Sorry, we forgot this one hehe
Is this possible? :thinking:

@fernie custom CSS might be required here at the dashboard level: {
   display: none !important;

Will ultimately remove that option: