Filter on one value that represent multiple values

Hello folks, wondering if the following is possible.

Let’s say we have a filter based on a field from the dataset, called customerstatus.
The values of this field could be: Active, active, Activated, activated, deleted

I would like to create a filter on the dashboard where the only possible options are: Active, Deleted
If the user picks “Active”, it will filter on all cases that we consider as active (Active, active, Activated, activated).
Can we do this logic in the filter? (without creating a separate field on the dataset based on a CASE statement of some type)

Thank you in advance! :+1:t4:

@fernie You could use custom filter and manually configure the series of values. Note - for now his only works for single select filters

1) Custom filter setup using comma separated quoted string values with paranthesis

This will generate dashboard parameters that you will then need to use within the filter expression.

2) Visual filter expression

The expression in the filter shelf of the visual would look like this:

[Ship Mode] in <<ship>>

3) Final dashboard (single select)

Now as you make selections this will update the visual. Note - this only works for single select filters

@fernie if you want it to work with multi-select filters you need a slightly different setup as shown below:

1) Custom filter values without paranthesis

2) Visual Filter expression

Will now use the “” as the parameter since multi-select filters send out parameters that way:

[Ship Mode] in (<<>>)


3) Final dashboard with multi-select custom filter

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Great info shaun, thank you! :+1:t4: