"Failed to move to trash" errors while using Analytical view refresh

When refreshing Analytical Views, there are situations where partitions & files are removed/deleted which requires Trash to be setup on HDFS.

Error making ‘dropPartition’ RPC to Hive Metastore: CAUSED BY: MetaException: Got exception: java.io.IOException Failed to move to trash: hdfs://xxx/apps/hive/warehouse/db/action/partitiondate=20181124/partitionhour=12

Solution: Make sure that Trash has been enabled on HDFS

The Hadoop trash feature helps prevent accidental deletion of files and directories. When you delete a file in HDFS, the file is not immediately expelled from HDFS. Deleted files are first moved to the /user/<username>/.Trash/Current directory,

and if so, ensure that Arcadia service account has necessary permissions. More info here:

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In some cases, the “arcadia” user may not have a user directory, which you will need to create first before creating the trash:

hdfs dfs mkdir /user/arcadia/

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