Enabling and Configuring Arcengine Result Cache

A new query result cacheing feature was added as of Arcadia 5.1 within the Arcengine, which can be handy for 3rd party tools (i.e. Tableau) connecting directly to the Arcengine through an ODBC driver.

There are two settings that can be added to enable the the Arcengine query result cache:

arcadia_result_cache_num_queries - Max number of queries that may be cached. (Default: 0, which essentially means its disabled). Please set this startup option to a number that reflects total number of active queries in your environment at any given time (i.e. 500)

arcadia_result_cache_query_max_rows - Max number of rows per query that allows query to be cached. (Default: 5000). This is also capped by an existing startup option max_result_cache_size by default set to 100,000.

These settings can be added to the Arcadia Analytics Engine Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for flagfile box in Cloudera Manager under the Arcadia Configuration:

NOTE: If you’re using the Arcadia UI, you can configure cacheing at the Connection or Dataset level like normal, and generally the above Arcengine settings don’t have much of an impact since it would create duplicate layers of cacheing.