Email configuration per Workspace / Connection or similar

Dear Arcadia Team,

At the moment, only one mailbox / mail address can be configured in one Arcadia Data instance. But we have different groups / different departments on Arcadia. Is or will it be possible to configure one mailbox / mail address per Workspace or Connection for instance or similar?

We are on Arcadia 5.0 at the moment.


@waiman yes outbound requests are configured from a single email address/server. However, you can set your Email jobs to send messages, snapshots, etc. to as many addresses as you need. The idea is to keep the outbound email requests generic enough to configure, but allow you to configure the Email jobs in such a way that you can send them to a single person or many people (CC) without the need for further integrations.

Thanks for your quick reply! I understand, but is it possible that instead of a single email address, one could configure more than one sender address? because having emails sent out from just one sender is not feasible for us as a bank as we have very different departments like Risk, Audit etc etc…

@waiman we have a future enhancement to allow you to specify a “from” address when scheduling a new email report. This can be specified per scheduled email so it will be even more flexible than a per connection setting.

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@shaun this sounds wonderful. do you know in which future version of Arcadia this will be included?

Potentially in 2019, but still under planning phases.