Dynamic text in visual titles based on filters / parameters

To leverage filter selections in your visuals, such as in titles, you need to use dashboard level parameters (if you are unfamiliar with parameters please make sure to watch the training video module)

Every filter in a dashboard set parameters, which you can examine by hovering over the “funnel” icon at the top right.

These parameters can be referenced within visuals using the parameter syntax:


For example, in the titles we can use “product_category.data” as the parameter, and use the syntax in our title:

  <<product_category.data>>  &  <<product_name.data>>

Save and close visual editor. Then as you make selections in the filter widgets, the title of the visual will dynamically update based on selections:

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@shaun, thanks for sharing. I used the parameter in visual title as you taught, but it became hard-coded sometime. You know why and how to avoid?

@Clare it’s potentially a bug. Perhaps try to use the latest version of arcadia 5.x which might help.

@shaun is there a way to hide the <> when nothing is selected. This causes the Visual title to show <>

@souradeepd specify a default value when using parameters, syntax looks like this:


For example,




@shaun this does not seem to work for parameters being passed from another visual as a Enable on Click filter. I tried both the options you suggested.