Dynamic Report Generation

Hi, Is there any option to generate the reports dynamically?
Type of dynamism required.

  1. Entire report is dynamic:
    We will pas SQL. The Report should get generated based on the SQL results.
  2. Partial Dynamic
    The report layout is same. We will change the table name. Based on which the reports designed in the dashboard should get populated automatically. In this case all filtering column names are same. Filtering values are also same.
    Since the report layout is same, we don’t want to create the same report in design time for every table. Instead, we want to use the same design layout for every table name we pass as parameter.

Thanks in advance.

@Subu take a look at our Admin API documentation for some ideas to help with this. You can’t pass in a direct SQL statement and generate a report per se, but you can use these API endpoints to generate Dataset definitions from your tables, and then translate your SQL statement into a Visual object that will then be placed in a Dashboard.

Do you have any sample codes in Java to connect to Arcadia using API? Could you please share anny sample snippet.

Ok. To get data from my tables, I can use SQL statements as given in the API documentation with a Python example.

Suppose If I want to download the existing predesigned report from Arcadia, how should I do this? Is it possible?

For example my Arcadia report has a filter object , HTML Table and Graph report
On selecting the values in filter, the data from the HTML table changes and also the graph changes.

I want to download the HTML data and Graphical report by passing required value to the filter using API. Is it possible?

Instead of redirecting me to your API Enterprise documentation, if you can give me a sample code that would be helpful.

Because, your API documentation just explains how to get data by passing filter, select clause, where clause and aggregations to a data set and not to any reports that defined in Arcadia.