Define display order of elements of x Axis in Column Chart

…is there a way to define the order of elements in a Column Chart Viz assuming that I do not have a natural sort order A-Z or 1…N.
My workaround for now is to force my sortorder by editing the values
e.g. if ‘green’ then ‘1 - green’ if ‘red’ then ‘2 - red’ …


That’s a valid workaround, but you can also do something similar by creating a coded version of you column that you can store in the tooltip shelf, and then sort that by that coded column. This will make things look a little cleaner as well.

For example, here’s a simple column chart without any sorting:

Let’s say I want to sort these values in this order: Technology, Furniture, Office Supplies. First I would create a coded version of my product_category column like this:

Then I would add my new coded column to the Tooltip shelf, and choose a sort order:

And now your chart should reflect the custom sort order:


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great exactly what I was looking for. THX MAN

@taddwood @shaun I tried this approach in cross table, but it didn’t work. Any suggestion?

@Clare what version of Arcadia are you using?

@taddwood I think I’m using version I thought it might because that table has default sorting on Rows which would overwrite other sorting. Do you mean this approach is working in newer version?

@Clare it doesn’t look like the cross tab sorts as nicely even in later versions. One workaround you can use its to put custom sort expression dimension on the shelf before the actual dimension you want to display. The only downside to this is that it will display the sort position as well.

@taddwood thanks for the alternative option. As the Custom Sorting has been requested by our dashboard end users for many times, is it possible to enable the function of dragging/moving columns/rows in a newer version? Sometimes it can be a show stopper if end users request a clean table without the Index row/column