Debugging LDAP Bind and Authentication Errors with Arcadia Visualization Server

Error: LDAPError while authenticating <username>: INVALID_CREDENTIALS({‘info’: ‘…’, ‘desc’: ‘Invalid credentials’},)

This error can indicate that the bind user credentials are not correct and should be verified. Sometimes this error (WARNING 9402 CP Server Thread-3 Caught LDAPError while authenticating xxxxxxx: SERVER_DOWN({'desc': "Can't contact LDAP server"},)) can indicate a similar issue.

Error: failed to map the username to a DN.

This error indicates that the username entered did not find a match when searched for within the LDAP tree by the Bind user. First check and make sure there wasn’t a typo in the username entered. If there wasn’t a typo, then its possible that the User search that was configured in Arcadia was too narrow and the User Search base DN needs to be adjusted by your site administrator.

Error: user DN/password rejected by LDAP server.

DEBUG P1 1121430 CP Server Thread-9 search_s('DC=arcadiadata,DC=com', 
2, '(sAMAccountName=%(user)s)') 
returned 1 objects: cn=tadd,ou=users,dc=arcadiadata,dc=com
DEBUG P1 1121430 CP Server Thread-9 Authentication failed for tadd: 
user DN/password rejected by LDAP server.

This typically indicates an invalid password was entered by the user. If this happens several times after re-entering its worth checking if the LDAP password is valid and also works across other enterprise applications.

For additional troubleshooting help when setting up LDAP authentication with Arcadia Visualization Server, take a look at these posts as well:

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