Daterange-filter for null-values


we currently have a date-filter, but our data also contains null-values.
I currently only see the option to filter for real dates, not for null. Is that somehow possible too?

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@viktor In the latest version of Arcadia you have the ability to configure the selection of NULLs.

STEP 1 - enable seleciton of NULL

STEP 2 - in the date drop down choose NULL


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Hello Shaun,
thanks for the reply!

Ive just tested it and it works fine and it now shows the NULLs, but you have to set a date anyway.

Would it be possible to select a NULLs-Range?
Right now youd have to include NULLs and select a Date in the year 0 or something like that

Or am I missing something…?

Thank you and best regards :slight_smile:

@viktor currently the date filter will always require a date selection, whether or not NULL is selected.