Date filter/range widget not showing all dates in view mode while in edit mode shows all

While using date range filters, you might have noticed that the available dates are slightly different between the view mode vs edit/developer screen.

This is primarily because in view-mode, the date filter is only showing the most relevant dates to the user - ie, the dates that are actually in the underlying dataset. So if the user tries to make selections outside of that range they will not be able to in the calendar picker as shown below.

In the view only mode, one option is to use the relative dates if you want to choose dates outside what is available in the underlying dataset.


Hi @shaun: The date range for the Fix-date filter doesn’t change with the new data load.
I want my date filter to change the date range as per the latest data load.
Can you please help on this.

Initial Date Range:
Date Range After Data Load: End date 2019-07-08

I want date filter to pick latest min and max date available for the Date Range filter.

@rawadhwal We do not support that yet.

However you can use the “Relative Dates” and make sure to choose relative dates that encompass all potential data.


So for example you can force anchor to “Today” date and make it go back 10 years.