Data API example using SOAP UI

Arcadia provides a few APIs including Admin API, Custom style API, and Data API.

Background - Data API

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Typically, users access Arcadia’s web server through a web browser, and the interface is entirely visual. This visual interface interacts directly with Arcadia’s data layer, which in turn provides seamless access to modeled data, integrated security controls, fast access to data in connected systems, and access to advanced analytics.

Sometimes, operational data applications do not need access to Arcadia’s visual layer, but require direct access to the data layer. For these purposes, Arcadia supports a Data API that provides operational data applications with direct access to data.

Enable Data API

To use the Data API you need to enable it by following the steps outlined here:

Example using SOAP

Here’s an example configuration of REST project within SOAPUI

A couple of key configurations:

  1. Make sure it’s a POST request
  2. The Authorization parameter needs be a HEADER and set to “apikey xxxx” with xxxx being your secrete API key
  3. version parameter is mandatory and needs to be set to 1. Without it you will get API version error message
  4. dsreq contains the request payload in the form of a JSON string. Refer to this link for more details:
  5. Make sure you have “Post QueryString” option enabled as shown below. Or else you will get an “unsupported version” error.
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