Custom Paragraph mixed with Column values


In Arcadia, can we a visual which has custom paragraph (like how we can build it in Rich Text visual type) along with the dataset columns.

For example: If i do have a custom paragraph like below

In the early **Column A**, life expectancy at birth began to increase significantly in the countries that industrialized early, but it remained low in the rest of the world. Industrialization levels correlated strongly with life expectancy, and lead to notable inequalities in global health distribution. Good health was prevalent in the rich countries, where improvements in sanitation, infant/maternal care, and food quantity lead to longer life. Meanwhile, poor health persisted in poorer countries.

This global inequality decreased over the last half of the 20th century. Countries that relatively recently suffered from bad health are catching up rapidly. Since 1900, the global average life expectancy more than doubled, increasing from **Column B** years for all reporting countries to 70.0 years.

Along with the above paragraph if i do have some columns from the dataset also like Record Count  or some other column where in which i can incorporate those columns in the paragraph.

Please let me know

@Purnesh you would have to use custom style (JS and HTML) to generate this.

I would refer you to a few how-to articles to get started. You do need prior knowledge of those technologies to accomplish: