Custom Home Page for the entire User Community

Hi, Would it be possible to create a custom homepage for the entire user community ? The idea is to use this homepage like a newsletter to update the entire user community with the latest information ?

@Abhijyot check out this post on the topic of creating custom Home pages. This should be a good primer on the subject.

I went through the post you mentioned and it shows me how to customize the Homepage at a single user level. I would like to know if it would be possible to customize the homepage for an entire user community?

I would want all the users in a community to see the same Home page designed by the admin. Is this possible ?

@Abhijyot as an Admin user you can also set a global homepage:

@taddwood Thank you for the reply. Would it be possible to create a different homepages at a User group level rather than for the entire Userbase ?

@Abhijyot that option is not possible today. You will either have to do it globally or let users define their own custom home page. You could create a handful of homepages and have them update their setting so that it points to their specific homepage.