Custom Filters from List

+filter +list

A common scenario of ad-hoc reporting is to be able to customise and shape the analysis area of your work. A fast way to do that is to use filters. Filters are used in a wide variety of scenarios, we will look at using external lists of data to create a custom filter on the fly.

Scenario :: your colleague sends you an email with a list of interesting categories that they would like you to dig deeper into. You already have a dataset of the full list and want to curate the full list to run some ad-hoc analysis on the items of interest.

Lets begin with a new dashboard and visual to display the data.

Lets just focus on the number of records by the full category list.

We have the measure and dimension of interest, lets use the ‘pickup neighbourhood’ and put it in the filter shelf.

Inside the filter shelf pop-up you can see a SET VALUES tab. We can paste our custom list directly into this to create our new curated data for analysis.

We will focus on the values beginning with letter ‘B’ only. This could be any selection or sample of values that you choose. For example, your colleague emails you a list of categories that are interesting for ad-hoc exploration and you paste those right into the filter.

After refreshing the visual you will now see the curated set of dimensions only in the visual. ‘B’ values only.

To check/edit your filter expression, go to your filter shelf, edit the expression and configure your next iteration.

End of article.