Custom Filter on an existing field to display different values

Hello folks,

Currently I have a field “correct_option” that has ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as the possible values in our data, but I would like the end-user to see ‘Correct’, ‘Incorrect’ in the filter selection as the values.
I tried doing this via a Custom Filter by leveraging the Value and Label options, but it seems that the widgets don’t get filtered by this field.

I set the output field to be “correct_option” and the widgets on the dashboard are all using the same dataset that has this field.

Am I missing something? :I Using Arcadia 5.0

@fernie it would be easier to create a cloned/calculated field at the Dataset level to re-evaluate the “yes” and “no” options as “correct” and “incorrect”, and then use that new field as your filter in the Dashboard.

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Thank you for another work-around Tadd!
But is what I’m trying to do not supported?

In Custom Filter Settings you will see “Scope” on 4th tab which has option as “Extend this scope to all apps with this dashboard”. Did you try using that?

Hi Saran, I know about that feature but I don’t want to propagate the filter to all apps with the dashboard.
Thank you for the help! :wink:

I dont understand why filtering on a field that exists using a Custom Filter does not work :frowning:

Custom Filters are not dataset scope filters.

Dataset scope is limited to filters that come from dataset fields.

That is why customer filter parameters do not impact / filter dashboards by default.

You will have to write filter expressions with the parameters coming from custom filter: