CSV/EXCEL Download

Hi Team,
I am facing issue whiling downloading the data in CSV & EXCEL format. I need to download 500000 rows in both CSV & EXCEL.( or full data available in source tables)
For CSV its working fine but still its taking too much time to download.(Refer CSV_DWONLOAD_LIMIT.png).
Though I not found where to mention no of rows value for EXCEL. but I tried with Limits value just below the Filter Option.(Refer EXCEL_DOWNLOAD_LIMIT.png).This option is works for EXCEL but for very less records.

Request you to provide the solution.CSV_DOWNLOAD_LIMIT

@PraveenJadhav the Excel download will use the CSV download setting as well. However, there’s a bug in earlier versions of Arcadia where this download limit doesn’t get applied properly. Arcadia 5.1.x has a fix for this issue. In general large extracts from Arcadia are not advised.

You should also not be applying a 500,000 limit on the Visual shelf or in the “Maximum number of rows to fetch” setting as this will degrade performance for users when they view dashboard and could crash the browser among other things.