Cross-Tabulation: Pivoting

Hi @shaun,

I have a use case where i want to achieve:
In Arcadia simple table looks like:

Cross tab looks like:

Targeted table visual should be like

Matrics Date1/Year Date2/Quarter1 Date3/Quarter 2
4/21/2019 4/22/2019 4/23/2019
Active Models 2466 2466 2266
Market Valuation 3014 3000 3557
Not Assigned 0 2 22

@rawadhwal you will have to change your table schema. Instead of separate columns for Active Model / Market Val / Not Assigned, you need to put all the measures into the same column.

MeasType       MeasVal
Active         12
Market         34
Not Assg       25 
Market         33

Then you can place MeasType as your “row” and MeasVal as your “measure” within a crosstab to get your target table.

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@shaun: can I change schema in Arcadia or I have to create it in intermediate layer using pivot ?

@rawadhwal you cannot change the schema in Arcaida. You should do it in intermediate tier with some data wrangling tool.