Creating a Custom Date filter based on data in a field

Hey all,

I want to create a custom style for a date filter so that it will display dates based on another field. That is There is a field that is cycle and a field that is date… and I want to the date filter to default to the range of the second most recent cycle. Is that possible using a custom style on a date filter? Any examples of something similar? Only way I can think to do it now would be create a custom visual that passes up parameters.


@austen refer to this thread on date filter custom style:

How to make a custom date filter not based on a field

This custom style is based on static start & end dates. You would need to somehow produce the cycle dates you are looking for.

Perhaps start with table visual then which gives you the date range and arcapi results. Then use the custom style to generate the date filter and add it to the filter area.