Create filter list from multiple result rows

I would like to create a list of values to use as a filter for another chart for example.
Query one result from custom query

fdst (example only)

Then I would like to use 15,23,39,40 as filtered in the other chart.
Currently Query one I have to use custom query as data is combined from 2 columns,
then use collect_list it shows like

When use this in filter like

source in (<< fdst >>)

it gives error Could not load data.
And from the profile log it shows like this

Is there a way we can use all rows result from custom query as a filter in another chart?
Please advise.
I appreciate much of your advise.

@Stima_Livingpresent just to clarify, you’re using a filter widget to select those first 4 values (15, 23, 39, 40), and then you want to click on your ffdst field in another visual and have that parameter pass in that list of values into another visual?