Connection settings explainer

When creating a connection there are a few settings that are worth reviewing:


  • Sessions are connections that are established to the backend engine - this usually maps to user session. A timeout of “0” indicates the session connection is kept open indefinitely which is highly not recommended on most deployments. You want to close the sessions within 1-5 minutes to allow re-use from the connection pool for other users.

  • Queries that are submitted within a session have an associated timeout. The default is 60sec, but on busy systems it’s possible the query status checks might be delayed, so increasing that to 120 or 300 allows the system to keep the query alive without closing prematurely.

  • Cache retention for the Arcadia Engine connection is an optimization. Based on a time interval, Arcadia will perform a coherency check of the result cache. If the underlying data is not changing often, for example it’s only updated once a day , then bumping up the time interval between checks makes a lot of sense. In this case we are suggesting 3600 sec (1hr ) interval given the rate at which the data loads are happening on the system.

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