Condensing filter widget space in Arcadia 4.5

In Arcadia 4.5 we added a new feature in our Dashboard Style options to “Display labels inline” for Filter widgets.


This option allows you to shrink the size of filter widgets at the top of our Dashboard, making it easier to have many filters present without taking too much space:

Below is an example of the default Filter Widgets layout:

And here is what this Dashboard looks like after enabling the “Display labels inline” option for your Filters Widgets:

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There’s also a collapse option at the far right of filter area to help hide the filter panel completely to create more space after users have had a chance to make filter selections:

You can then expand when you need to access the full filter panel:

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Hi @shaun,
Regarding the collapse option, this feature is included only in the dashboards or it is possible to use it in the app?


@AGOSTINO_PADULA you have to apply this setting at the dashboard level. Then within an app, the dashboards with this config enabled will appear with condensed filters.

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