Combination Chart: Stacking Bar, Stacking Area for each dimension value

Will the Arcadia be equipped with more charts? We would like to present stacking value in Area and Bars together like this.

We have tried with default but cannot find any chart suitable this.
Here is example data.

Date Region Sales Gross Margin
1/1/2018 A 200 150
4/1/2018 A 300 250
7/1/2018 A 400 300
12/1/2018 A 800 600
1/1/2018 B 100 80
4/1/2018 B 400 300
7/1/2018 B 500 400
12/1/2018 B 1000 900

Please advise.
Thank you very much.


We hope to support stacked bar and area charts more easily in the future.

Right now you can create stacked bars and/or have multiple lines on the chart by specifying additional shelf elements. Here’s an example configuration:

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Thanks. Look forward to.
In my example data, both date and region are dimensions. That’s the difficult part how can we show multiple dimensions in the same chart.

@Stima_Livingpresent my other suggestion is to create two different visuals (one area chart and one bar chart) and have them aligned vertically. That should allow you to make vertical comparisons since the time axis is shared across both.

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