Cloudera (CDH) Arcadia Install: How to manually install Parcel if it doesn't show up in Cloudera Manager

Issue: You may have already followed the installation or upgrade instructions that can be found in our public documentation:

However, sometimes after these steps the Parcel still is not available after Cloudera Manager has been restarted.

Solution: You can bypass the use of the python http server (using port 1985) and manually install the Parcel in the Cloudera parcel repo directory (usually at /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo), which will enable Cloudera Manager to find the Parcel like normal.

Step 1: Locate your Arcadia Enterprise parcel on the local file system.

From that directory, copy the Arcadia .parcel file into the Cloudera parcel repo (NOTE: Your parcel repo could be in a different path):

cp -p ARCADIAENTERPRISE-  /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo

Step 2: Generate a .sha file for the parcel.

sha1sum ARCADIAENTERPRISE- | cut -d ' ' -f1 > /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo/ARCADIAENTERPRISE-

Step 3: Navigate to the parcel repo and update permissions/ownership on the parcel file and newly generated .sha file to match the same of permissions/ownership as other parcel’s viewable by Cloudera Manager:

chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm ARCADIAENTERPRISE-*

Step 4: Restart Cloudera Manager.

sudo service cloudera-scm-server restart

Step 5: Open the Cloudera Manager parcel screen, and the new Arcadia Enterprise parcel should now available.