Check dashboard visualizations by users


How can we check how many, and which users have been using a particular app?


Hi @Julian, to get those metrics you will need to take a look at the querylog.log files located on the Arcadia Visualization Server. These logs contain all of the CRUD operations that occur on each object in Arcadia (i.e. Dashboards, Datasets, Workspaces, etc.). If you start ingesting these logs, then build a table on top of them, you will be able to have essentially a time series view of all the activities happening in Arcadia including how many users are viewing certain Dashboards.


Hi Tadd, I plan to use completed queries from catalog tables to achieve this. it has dashboard id attached to the query and also give lot of information like query duration, user ran it, AV’s used or not…etc. Created another dashboard on top of this information to get trends. Also have alerts based on query run duration comparing it to a threshold. Is the querylog.log has more information than completed queries table ?

@vivek.chemicala the querylog.log files track other things in addition to performance in Arcadia. For example, these logs would tell you which users deleted a particular Dashboard or Dataset. These logs frequently referred to as “Audit logs” when we discuss them, and reflect what you would typically see if you visited the Activity Log page in the Arcadia UI.