Cascading filters - hierarchical filter widget

In a typical dashboard with several filters, sometimes you want to be able to apply prior filters to new filters being applied.

This is known as cascading / hierarchical filters. Where one filter acts as the parent, and selections on the parent limit what is shown in the children filter widget.

Our online documentation has an overview that you can read here:

A few things to note:

  1. All the filters have to come from the same dataset
  2. Child filter can be configured with one or more parent filters

Simple example is how to limit “customer_name” filter widget to only the selected “region”:


You want to go into the settings of the child filter (which in this case is the customer_name), and under the Values -> Filter Fields enter a comma separated list of column names that correspond to the parent filter (which in this case is region).

NOTE: make sure to enclose your column names in square brackets [xxx] (in our example [region]).