"Cannot Bind" Errors when restarting Arcadia services

Occasionally on a restart you may see errors like this, which cause Arcadia services to not start properly. This type of an error indicates that Arcadia is trying to use a port that’s already in use by another application or service.

This can happen because a process was not properly terminated on the stop of Arcadia services, resulting in a zombie process lingering before the next start/restart.

In these situations you can run sudo netstat -anlp | grep <port> or lsof -I :<port> to find what application or service is listening or using that port, then take the PID of that process and kill it, and restart that particular Arcadia service once again.

On rare occasion, this can occur with the Arcadia Analytics Engine where it tries to use port 35000 within its internal TCP connections instead of leaving it open to start the Webserver.

In these situations you can just restart the Arcadia Analytics Engine(s) once again and the issue should resolve itself.