Binary files in Arcadia Data

Can Arcadia data read Binary files from HDFS? Currently we are using UDF to read binary files from HIVE.
Is there any way we can add UDF jar files in Arcadia to read Search Index and Binary Data???

@dearsaran if you are using Arcadia Enterprise, you can use Arcadia analytics engine to read HDFS files directly. And there’s a way to add your UDF to Arcadia engine similar to this link

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Thanks a ton Shaun. This will work for us.

@dearsaran specifically you will need to need to use the CREATE FUNCTION syntax when adding the UDFs, and run it from the arcadia-shell:

create function my_udf location '/path/to/jar/UDF.jar' symbol='com.your.myUDF';

After this the UDFs should persist in the Hive metastore. You can also check this by running “show functions;” whether that particular UDF will persist.