Arcadia Instant

I need some assistance with running Arcadia Instant.

I can’t seem to export to a PDF or a PNG file.

Also how do i change the server IP address so that my dashboard and apps can be viewed on the network.

@adeeweir Arcadia Instant is stand-alone and works only on your local machine. If you want to shared access you will have to purchase our enterprise version.

Regarding exporting issues, can you check the logs. Here’s where they are located on Mac / Windows:

Let us know what you see there

Hope that helps.

Hi Shaun
Thanks for the feedback.

I do not have that folder location or file on my MAC is it saved in a different location.

@adeeweir what version of arcadia instant are you running?

Also you can do simple search for the file “arcviz.log” or just “arcviz” in your Finder / Quick search


I am using version 4.5
I did search for the file but i do not have it.

@adeeweir okay thanks, let dig into this a bit more and get back to you.

Did you run the Arcaida Instant Server before checking of the log file? I just checked a fresh mac install of Arcadia Instant 4.5 and the arcviz.log file was located:

/Users//Library/Application Support/Arcadia Instant/arcviz.log

I had run the Arcadia Instant Server first and then performed a login to the UI before looking for the log file.

Hi Miker
I have reinstalled the server again and attached the screen shot, i am using 10.13 OS

I see you have launched the Arcadia instant server. Did you also open a browser and log into the UI itself? I am under the impression that the log file will not be created until there is something to be written into it. The starting of the server alone will not write into the arcviz.log file.

Please give this a try and then search again.
You may also try using finder to go to the /Users//Library/Application Support/Arcadia Instant/ subdirectory to see if the log file is there as well. (The Library choice under the user’s finder is usually hidden from the tree until you choose “Go” from the finder menu and then press the alt key to allow the Library choice to be seen in the resulting drop down.)

Here is a screenshot on how to access the Library and then the Application Support subdirectories:

Hi Mike

I manage to get to the file now.

And i noticed the PDF and Jpeg part is working its creating a PDF but only of what is displayed. It does not create the entire dashboard it cuts off the image and its also very low res.

The current PDF/screenshot download only shows what’s displayed on the screen, if there’s scrolling as in your screenshot or with tabular visuals the rest of the data is not shown in the PDF/screenshot export. Suggestion is to increase the height of the visual enough to not show the scroll bars.

As for resolution, some of it is dictated by the screen size your are exporting from. One thing you can try is reduce the width of your dashboard to see if it helps.