Arcadia Data connection HDFS/HBASE for Data

Can Arcadia connect HDFS/HBASE to read data for dashboards?, if yes could you please some sample on the same.

Thank you,

@Ganesh yes Arcadia can read data from HDFS and HBase once it has been schema’d into a Hive table. With HDFS, we can read internally managed Hive tables and external tables as well. HBase tables in Hive will require you to map the column families into Hive columns.

@taddwood thank you for your replay, but I was looking for direct connectivity from Arcadia to HDFS/HBASE with no hive dependency. can that be possible?

@Ganesh there’s no way to directly connect to HBase or HDFS. Everything you do related to data access from HDFS or HBase must be routed through Hive tables.