Arcadia Catalog Tables - historical queries & inflights

Starting with Arcadia Enterprise 4.2, administrators can view all the queries running within the arcadia analytics engine to get insights into utilization & operational metrics. The feature is called the Catalog Tables and users can query it using SQL. Refer to the online documentation for detailed schema & best practices.

The example we want to demonstrate here is how to find all the analytical view operations taking place on the system - in particular as it pertains to refreshing AVs.

Let’s assume you are interested in looking for a particular AV called av_2_ds_190

You can create a dashboard on the historical catalog tables and configure your table visual to have the following custom filter expression:

([Sql Statement] like β€˜%av_2_ds_190%’ AND ([Sql Statement] like β€˜%INSERT%’ OR [Sql Statement] like β€˜%ALTER%’ OR [Sql Statement] like β€˜%COMPUTE%’ )) OR ([Sql Statement] like β€˜%refresh %’ AND [Sql Statement] like β€˜%av_2_ds_190%’)

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