Arcadia Catalog OutOfMemory Errors

In the catalogd.INFO and .ERROR files you may come across an error like this which indicates that the total size of the Hive metastore table metadata cached in the Arcadia Catalog has exceeded the current max Java heap limit threshold for that service on the server:

I1113 18:57:26.944648 2699] OutOfMemoryError: null

To fix this issue you must increase the Java Heap size for the Arcadia Catalog Cache by adding an override in the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS to allocate more memory. The screenshot below shows an example of how to add this setting to the Arcadia Catalog Cache Environment Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) in Cloudera Manager.

To check the current memory usage of the Arcadia Catalog Cache you can run these commands:

jcmd <catalogd_pid> VM.flags
jmap -heap <catalogd_pid>

For more information on this issue please take a look at the Cloudera Impala docs on this subject as the Arcadia and Impala Catalog Cache operate identically and would have similar symptoms.