Arcadia Catalog not starting -- Webserver: Could not start on address

From time to time when starting catalog or statestore process, you might see they do not come up properly.

You can investigate the logs usually found in /var/log/arcadia . Look at the process specific log like catalogd.INFO or statestored.INFO.

If the logs show an error entry like below, it’s usually related to zombie process that’s binding to that port.


Webserver: Could not start on address


  1. Can you confirm there isn’t another arcadia catalog/statstore/arcengine service running on that host. If yes, please kill the existing process and restart arcadia catalog service.

  2. Confirm there is no other process binding to the same port (whatever appears in the logs, in the above error it’s 30136). If yes, kill the other process and restart arcadia service to see if it can bind to that port.